When The Underdog Wins….
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Pennington A Dolphin

After getting released by the Jets with Gang Green getting Brett Favre, Chad Pennington has found a new home. The Miami Dolphins. They inked him for a 2 year, $11.5 million deal and will be facing the Jets in the season opener.

“You spend eight years with an organization and then in the blink of an eye, you’re no longer wanted there,” Pennington said. “That’s just the crude part of the business that is hard to accept emotionally.”

Playing with the Dolphins, a heated rival of the Jets in the American Football Conference East, offers Pennington not only a fresh start but a shot at revenge right away. But Pennington did not sound as if he had a vindictive streak.

“If something happens with the Miami Dolphins, it will be because I feel good about the situation and good about the opportunity,” Pennington said before news of his signing. “It won’t have anything to do with the New York Jets or me trying to prove a point.”


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