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SportsCenter Is Live!

You’ve probably heard this already, from the commercials of ESPN employee Steve counting down to when SportsCenter is going live, to just hearing it around. Anyways, if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet this morning, you’re not missing much. You have anchors Josh Elliott and Hannah Storm, making her debut for ESPN while Sage Steel is doing “SC Right Now” once in a while. They have 2 new thing called the “Morning Buzz” where they just say some news from different sports, for example: “Lou Pinella gave Kosuke Fukodome a warning about losing playing time if he doesn’t break out of his 2 – 25 slump.” They also have something called “Word On The Street” where for example they bring in a Cincinnati Bengal beat writer and talk about Chad Johnson. They also don’t have that cool introduction to SportsCenter at the top of the hour, they just go right into the next one basically. All in all, It’s not that special, but it doesn’t hurt either. SportsCenter anchor Josh Elliott talks about SportsCenter Live here.

They also launched SportsCenter.com this morning.


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