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I’m Running Out of Titles for Posts To Describe MICHAEL PHELPS

He’s just so good, so call him what you would like: A monster, beast, machine? Any of those would do.

It was all Phelps, all the time at the Summer Olympics, as American swimming superstar Michael Phelps added two more gold medals — in the men’s 200-meter butterfly and the 800-meter freestyle relay –- to his stash on Wednesday in Beijing.

“I’m almost at a loss of words …” Phelps told NBC. “The people who came before us and competed in the Olympic Games are some of the greatest athletes who ever lived. And to win the most gold medals …. it’s unbelievable. I just have no idea what to say.”

Phelps has also smashed five world records along the way and become the winningest gold medalist in modern Olympic history, with a total of 11 so far. He will try to win -– with his Midas touch — in three more finals in the coming days.

Phelps “is not just winning, he’s absolutely destroying everything,” teammate Aaron Peirsol told The Associated Press. “It’s awesome to watch.”


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