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3 Team Deal Lands Future Superstar In Cleveland

Mo Williams is now a member of the Cavs. It should make them more dangerous as Williams is a great compliment to LeBron James

The Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City (?) (formerly the Supersonics) got together a trade that involved 6 players. PG Mo Williams of the Bucks has been shipped to the Cavs with the Bucks receiving Cavs PG Damon Jones in return.  The Bucks also get G Luke Ridnour and F Adrian Griffin from the Sonics. The Sonics receive G/F Desmond Mason from the Bucks and former 1st overall pick Joe Smith from the Cavaliers.

This is a great deal for Cleveland as they get a perfect compliment for superstar LeBron James in Mo Williams. Last year, Williams averaged 17.2 PPG, 6.3 APG with a little more than a board a game.

“We acquired a talented player about to hit his prime,” Cavs GM Danny Ferry said. “He can set things up for himself as well as other people.”


2 Responses to “3 Team Deal Lands Future Superstar In Cleveland”

  1. Future Superstar? Mo Williams? He’s good but he’s no superstar. He’s very similar to Daniel Gibson a point guard body but doesn’t no how to pass and only knows how to shoot the ball.

  2. I agree with you that Mo Williams may not be a superstar one day, so yes, I went a little overboard on that, but to say a guy who averaged 6.3 assists a game is a bad passer is not correct. and yes, he’s a great shooter.

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