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USA Men’s Basketball Team Claims Gold Medal

The USA Men’s Basketball team finally redeemed themselves and have won the gold off a 118-107 win over Spain. Dwayne Wade led the way with 27 points with Kobe putting up 20 extra.

Spain made big comebacks both in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, but USA kept their composure and started to play how we all know they can play.

“I’m proud of our guys. We played with great character in one of the great games in international basketball history, I think,” said USA and Duke University head coach Mike Krzyzewski. “Because if we didn’t have great character, we would not have been able to beat another team that had great character. Spain was fabulous. Everything we did, we tried to stop them, and we couldn’t stop them completely. It was a great basketball game where everybody involved played at the highest level, and I think it brought out the best in us. We’re thoroughly thankful for the opportunity to represent our country. (We’re) ecstatic about winning the gold medal.”

In Sunday’s third place game, Argentina (6-2) topped Lithuania (5-3) 87-75 to collect the bronze medal.

Jason Kidd (Dallas Mavericks) is the only two-time Olympic gold medalist on the 2008 team and becomes just the 13th U.S. player in history to collect two gold medals; while Kidd, Anthony, Carlos Boozer (Utah Jazz), James and Wade now belong to a small group of just 18 two-time U.S. Olympic basketball team members.


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