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Bombers Release Ticket Pricing Plans For New Ball Park

Even seats behind the outfield fence will be costly at the new Yankee Stadium.

The front part of the area behind the outfield in right and left will cost US$100 and $75 per game next year as part of season-ticket plans at the $1.3-billion ballpark.

But behind those four sections of seats, and to the rear of the bullpens closer to centre field, are nine sections of bleachers priced at $12, the same as the cost this season in the final year of the 85-year-old ballpark.

The Yankees put season ticket prices on their website Friday along with a seat locator that shows views from each location. They also mailed relocation brochures to season-ticket holders.

Prices for the best seats were announced in March, with the Yankees charging $500-$2,500 for tickets near home plate in the first nine rows, contained in 25 sections ringing home plate. In all, the Yankees have sold more than 3,500 of approximately 4,300 premium seats on the field, main and terrace levels, chief operating officer Lonn Trost said Friday.

“Other than those 4,300 seats, which are going to subsidize everybody else, the prices are not” being raised significantly, Trost said. “And remember, 24,000-plus seats will have no price increase at all.”

The Yankees said Friday the remainder of the field-seats level seats cost from $75-$325 as part of season tickets, while main-level seats go for $45-$100. The highest deck is split into two areas, with terrace seats going for $40-$65 and grandstand selling for $20 and $25.

In a sign most of the best seats will be sold as season tickets, only the least expensive category of field seats and the two least expensive levels of main seats are being made available for partial plans. The Yankees are charging $5-$10 more per seat for partial plans than they are for season tickets. Individuals game prices haven’t been set.

Invoices for season tickets will be sent out starting in mid-September, and fans who decline their seats, wishing to upgrade, downgrade or switch their plan, can go in a pool for others seats. A 10 per cent payment is due about two weeks after receiving an invoice.


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