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Cha – Ching! Mad Dog Russo Cashing In

August 19, 2008

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo who recently left the extremely popular radio show “Mike and the Mad Dog” is expected to sign a 5 year contract with Sirius radio worth $15.5 million. If you might think he’s getting a radio show every week day for a couple hours, think again. Russo is getting his own 24 hour satellite channel […]

DeadSpin Realeases 2nd Part of Interview W/ Sean Salisbury

August 15, 2008

 Here it is: Is it fair to say that all of this stuff that has happened to you in the last two years – the death of your father, the job situation, the internet “rumors”…well, how did you work through something that emotionally? SS: I’ve got no choice, A.J. I’m a Dad. I’ve got a […]

WFAN Boots The Mad Dog

August 14, 2008

This has been a rumor for a while, and now it’s reality. The Mike & The Mad Dog radio program is offically over, with WFAN firing Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. Mad Dog has been rumored to finding a job with Sirius XM Radio. Mike Francesa will become the sole host of the radio program from […]

DeadSpin Interview W/ Sean Salisbury

August 14, 2008

DeadSpin had 2 hour phone conversation with ex NFL player and ex ESPN NFL analyst Sean Salisbury and they posted it on their website. It’s very interesting and covers a load of subjects. Here’s part 1, as they will be posting the 2nd part tomorrow. So….how are you? SS: I’m…great. Probably since about last March, […]